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This is an Information Page for the Music and Work of Paul Temple


Paul is currently offering two main projects to the world:

The teachings of Diamond Light Network and the music of RadianceMatrix.



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Diamond Light Network


Diamond Light Network (DLN) is a body of esoteric teachings that Paul has received from his Spirit Guides. The teachings offer simple but powerful practices to awaken the Heart Center. The Heart Center, which is different from both the anatomical heart and the heart chakra, is the home of our authentic soul-self: it is seed of divine consciousness and the seat of the soul.

The Diamond Light practices are rooted in ancient mystical teachings to activate the Light in our hearts, which the Tibetans call the Vajra — or the Seed of Light that is our pure, essential nature. Activating the Heart Center revives your advanced, evolutionary skills and potential, including telepathy, empathy, intuition, clairvoyance, compassion, and sensitivity to subtle energy.



When we activate our heart center, we remember who we really are: luminous beings of love and infinite awareness. The more we strengthen and identify with the Light in our heart center, the more we embody the true Divine Self. The Diamond Light Practices include simple yet effective visualizations that enable us to manifest our new, evolutionary capabilities.

Click the link below to connect with Paul Temple’s free weekly livestreams on FaceBook and YouTube. DLN Facebook group is a great way to find supportive connections within the community — and to strengthen your heart light. 


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Learn More at the Website:  www.DiamondLightNetwork

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Diamond Light Network


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As one continues to engage the DLN practices, attend the events and take part in group activities, you may experience profound positive changes in your life.

As we integrate heart awareness into our daily consciousness our whole perspective can change regarding who we are as humans and why we are here on Earth. This can be beneficial during these challenging times. As we energize our heart centers, we can more easily tap into the truth of divine interconnection and the inherent nature of our essential being.


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RadianceMatrix is the musical moniker for internationally acclaimed musician Paul Temple, who creates mystical transmissions of peace and beauty with Tibetan bowls, flutes and mantras. His tuned and amplified bowls, along with his hypnotic Tibetan throat singing, creates harmonious sonic architectures, and is said to be the ultimate sound-healing concert experience. He has toured across North America, bringing his sound artistry to New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Santa Fe, Denver and Los Angeles amongst other cities.


“Beautiful Music, Sacred Space.”

~Deva Premal & Miten



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What people are saying about



“When Paul plays his Tibetan bowls,
a sense of peace and euphoria
permeates the entire room.
It is impossible not to feel uplifted
by his subtle yet powerful art form.”
∼  Tina Malia

“Paul is incredibly gifted. His voice opens portals and transcends lifetimes.”
∼  Ad Sach Kaur, CO Springs

“I was transported to mystic realms.
∼  John Meade, Santa Fe, NM


“Some people play music
and some people channel spirit thru sound. 

RadianceMatrix is definitely a powerful channel.”
∼  Melissa, Boulder, CO



Listen and Download RadianceMatrix on

The music of RadianceMatrix is also available

at all major streaming sites, including

Spotify, AppleMusic and Amazon Music.

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Private Vibrational Healings

with Paul Temple


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Here is a sample of one of Paul’s weekly

SOUND TEMPLE Livestreams




Tucson, AZ

Montreal, QE

Toronto, ON

Encinitas, CA

Paul Temple Bio

Peaceful. Penetrating. Pure.  These words have been used to describe the music of internationally acclaimed Paul Temple, who creates mystical transmissions of peace and beauty with Tibetan bowls, flutes and mantras. His album RADIANCE MIXES featuring Deva Premal, reached #5 on the iTunes World Music chart and was on the TOP 20 Albums of the year list for Soul Traveler Radio.

Under the music handle RadianceMatrix Paul’s hypnotic Tibetan throat singing blends perfectly with his set of finely tuned and amplified bowls.  He creates harmonious sonic architectures that are said to be the ultimate sound-healing concert experience.

Paul is highly regarded as a master sound artist, musical mystic, and a gifted channel of Shamanic Traditions.

 He has performed at events with Greg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza, Kryon and Panache Desai — and at the WanderLust and Arise music festivals. He has toured across North America, bringing his sound artistry to cities such as New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Santa Fe, Denver and Los Angeles.

As Founder and Director of Diamond Light Network, Paul Temple is an evolutionary catalyst, a spiritually inspired master teacher, and a highly attuned sound channel who serves the awakening of all beings through his heart-centered teachings and sound transmissions.

The mission of Diamond Light Network is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness through re-activating the human high-heart center.

The teachings of Diamond Light Network were channeled from Paul’s spirit guides. The practices, which make heart-center activation and sensitivity to subtle energy easily accessible, have helped hundreds of people to vitalize and deepen their spiritual connection. Paul loves inspiring people to find a more peaceful and heart-centered approach to understanding life on Earth.

Paul started piano lessons (and banjo lessons!) at age ten. He took two years music theory in high school and was a music major at Bennington College. He has worked and played in the music business for most of his life. Paul and his wife Kerry live on Double Rainbow Ranch in Boulder, Colorado with 5 cats as inter-dimensional guardians.

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